‘Wide Series’ Dumpmaster

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‘Wide Series’ Dumpmaster

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  • Height: 660L, 1000L, 1100L wheelie bins and or square and rectangular bins
  • Capacity: Up to 250kg (or 300kg with small modifications)

‘Wide Series’ Dumpmasters employ the same efficient tipping geometry as the well-proven ‘Standard Series’ machines. They are available with cradles to suit a range of larger bins, including 660l, 1000/1100l wheelie bins, or square and rectangular bins. Attachments are available to enable multiple bin sizes to be tipped, for example a cradle for tipping 1100l bins can be fitted with auxiliary catches to enable all standard wheelie bins from 80 litres up to 660 litres to be tipped as well. No adjustment is required for tipping the different sizes – simply wheel the bin in and empty it!

‘Wide Series’ Dumpmasters can be made to tip at any practical height. They normally have a hot-dip galvanised frame and cradle, with zinc-plated guarding. However, some or all of the machine components can be made from stainless-steel for use in hygiene-critical areas or harsh environments.