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Storage Solutions

As Australia's leading materials handling specials, we've made it our duty to provide a range of complementary storage solutions. Our storage selection ranges from plastic bins, produce crates and stackable crates to buckets, tote boxes, as well as stack-and-nest crates.

Clear the clutter in your home or workshop by using our neat storage options. Stacking crates are a great solution if you have minimal space, because it is designed to fit on top of one another. At Easyroll our storage solutions are convenient, tidy, inexpensive and functional-you can store anything from fruits, veggies and dry goods to small yard utensils, stationery and laundry!

The great things about all the storage solutions we stock is that each item is multi-functional and environmentally friendly. We also stock recycled crates that are made from 100% recycled plastic.

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